I had so much fun yesterday! I met lots of ponys at the omegle event!

Some I knew! 
Some I didn’t.

Some were nice  
And some were not.  

Some were small 
and some were royal

Some played music 
and some drew  a lot! 

Some had ask accounts 
Some were just lurkers 

Some typed quickly 
some completely forgot!

It was a pleasure getting to talk to you, no matter which one you were or what you brought, 
and that’s all thanks to whatsherface who made this happen from just a thought.



- roundabout replies
- Mafia Octavia
- Misty the wonderbolt
- A rude Stranger 
- Heathersweetfeathers 
-Allicorn Applejack 
-Elva Rokk (Doesn’t have an OC pony :c  I could find.)
- Tootie Frootie
- libra
- anonymous pony
- TracyFlash
- Unknown users that didn’t say anything

  1. elvarokk said: For your adorable art, I’ll make an OC for you!
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    Eeee!! Bubble you are amazing, just in case you didn’t know. :D