ITS OVER 9000!!!

I’m not sure if that’s even the right show |:

SO last day of these I promise.  Tonight I’m gonna go through and delete all the ones that were not done, sorry :c We can play dress up another time, I promise.  I will also be sorting through the inbox and deleting questions I don’t want to answer.  That way I can open the ask box again.  

I’m sorry if that really upsets you :c I know someone way back when complimented on the fact that I go through and I answer all of them.  I feel awful because I’m not holding true to this.  I’ve realized that there is no way I can answer all of these in a logical amount of time while still having the ask box open (even if I group the ones I can together)  and there are some that have no good way to answer them. 

I’m really sorry :c I understand if you greatly dislike me now… but I think it’s for the best.  If you disagree and have a better option, message me on my mod blog and tell me, but by this point I’m seeing no other option.

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